KC Downtown Streetcar Project

On the Forward Track

Click here for the full KC Streetcar project fact sheet.

The Downtown Kansas City, Missouri Streetcar project is a two-mile route running primarily along Main Street connecting Kansas City’s River Market area to Crown Center and Union Station. It will serve Union Station, the Cross Roads Art District, the Power and Light District, the city’s central business district, and the historic River Market along with numerous other businesses, restaurants, art galleries, educational facilities, and neighborhoods. The starter line has 16 stops spaced every two blocks and includes the Singleton Yard Facility (Vehicle Maintenance Facility) located in Columbus Park.

The City forecasts approximately 2,700 will use the streetcar daily once it opens. Riders will not pay a fare, which is intended to minimize dwell times and maximize economic benefits to riders. The Streetcar will travel in vehicle lanes along Main Street, which is now redesigned to accom- modate the Streetcar and minimize delays. Construction has created hundreds of local jobs and spurred millions of dollars of development along the line.

The Downtown KC Streetcar starter line is the first step in a longer-range plan to create a regional, integrated transit system to uniquely connect the Greater Kansas City area like never before. Progressive regions around the country with streetcar systems have seen significant economic growth and the Downtown KC Streetcar starter line is a step in effort to realize an even more vibrant, vital and livable urban center. Streetcar systems attract new residents, businesses and workforce and provide an improved and more efficient travel option. It is envisioned that the downtown KC Streetcar starter line will bring new investment and increased property values to downtown along with an increased economic impact during construction and after.

The completion of the Downtown KC Streetcar  project is anticipated in fall of 2015 followed by a period of testing. It is expected that in early 2016 the first streetcar rides will occur through Downtown Kansas City in over a half a century.
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